Code Switch: How Black Students are Assimilating Into White Culture

From Micro-aggressions to blatant racism, two students of color share their experience of what it’s like attending a predominantly white campus. By Peyton Pitman, Co-Editor-in-Chief [Intro Music Faces In]  INTRO (MIA SPLENDORE): Race relations has been a hot topic in the news recently. From police brutality to racial inequity, people are starting to have … Continue reading Code Switch: How Black Students are Assimilating Into White Culture

“Raya and the Last Dragon” Review

I have nothing but positive things to say regarding Disney’s latest release. WARNING: This review contains spoilers. By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor It had been officially over one year since I stepped foot inside a movie theater. Until I went to see Disney’s newest animated flick, that is. Raya and the Last Dragon was released … Continue reading “Raya and the Last Dragon” Review

New Yamato Steakhouse Review

Huntington’s new Japanese restaurant is a winner! By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor When I returned to campus after a long J-Term, I noticed something strange in the Huntington Plaza. One of the retail spaces, which had been vacant for quite some time, had lights and tables set up inside. A shiny red sign that hung … Continue reading New Yamato Steakhouse Review

Why I Decided To Dye My Hair

Although I never considered it prior to this year, I made a change in style over J-Term. By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor Over J-Term, I made a decision that I am still quite shocked by: I dyed my hair green. Up until now, I've never wanted to dye my hair. In fact, I've always been … Continue reading Why I Decided To Dye My Hair

Shining a Light on Racism and Hate Against Asian Americans

This article is written from a Chinese-American Perspective. By Joy Purcell, Staff Writer and Artist Alright, let’s address the elephant in the room here: hate against Asian-Americans. How long has this hate been going on? Hate against Asians has been going on since the 1800s. However, I believe the numbers skyrocketed once the coronavirus made … Continue reading Shining a Light on Racism and Hate Against Asian Americans

Forester Baseball Recap

Although there have been some losses, the Forester Baseball team is in the midst of a victorious season. By Katie Sell, Staff Writer Spring season is here for baseball, and Huntington is excited to defrost Forest Glen Park not only for our players and staff, but for spectators as well. The updated spectator policy for … Continue reading Forester Baseball Recap

Forester Softball Recap

So far, the Forester Softball team has had some impressive successes. By Katie Sell, Staff Writer Softball had their season opener late-February with a nice sweep over Midway University. The final scores of the games were 7-4 and 10-4, respectively. The momentum was brought to a halt in their next pair of games at Logansport … Continue reading Forester Softball Recap

“WandaVision” Review

I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of Marvel movies. By Katie Sell, Staff Writer If you’re looking for something new to watch, WandaVision is one of the most talked-about series that has aired so far in 2021. Available on Disney+, the MCU show just finished airing its first season … Continue reading “WandaVision” Review

“Tom and Jerry” Review

While not utterly terrible, Tom and Jerry left me feeling lukewarm. By Scott Wood, Staff Writer and Artist To be quite frank, my feelings toward the live-action Tom and Jerry reboot started off being very lukewarm. After watching it finally, I’m proud to say that I’m still lukewarm on this film.  I was relieved to … Continue reading “Tom and Jerry” Review

Living in a Post-Snyder Cut Society

Streaming could be ushering in a renaissance of structurally diverse movies. By Scott Wood, Staff Writer and Artist Of all the scenarios in which Justice League: The Snyder Cut could be released, a mass-closing of movie theaters across the country has to be the most ideal. At a time when the pool of fresh movies … Continue reading Living in a Post-Snyder Cut Society

Despite Issues, Forester Baseball Remains “Hungry” For 2021 Season

Huntington’s baseball team has had to overcome more than any other program over the last year, including Covid-19, schedule issues, and head coach Mike Frame having to sit out this season. By Ryan Walker │February 15, 2021 It was Friday morning on March 13, 2020. Huntington University’s baseball team was ready to leave for Goshen … Continue reading Despite Issues, Forester Baseball Remains “Hungry” For 2021 Season


Huntington students and staff weigh in on the effects of Hardy Hall’s closing. By Abby Rusie, Contributor “My initial reaction was disappointment, it was shocking to hear it so suddenly,” says sophomore Denali Kern, current Roush RA and former “Hardy girl,” when asked about the emotion she felt when she heard of Hardy’s closing for … Continue reading HALLOWED BE THY HARDY HALL

HU Student Jewelry Entrepreneurs

Three Huntington University students reflect on their startups and how they got to where they are today. By Kelsey Priestley, Contributor “Starting quarantine, it was definitely an advantage to have something to do other than sit around in your house and like do something you enjoy with your friends,” said sophomore Hailey Mchenry, an elementary … Continue reading HU Student Jewelry Entrepreneurs

Four Honorary Christmas Albums

Listening to these albums will subtly put you into the holiday spirit. By Scott Wood, Staff Writer and Artist. The holiday season is upon us once more, which can only mean one thing: being bombarded with festive music at every store and radio station. While this sentimental season holds a special place in the hearts … Continue reading Four Honorary Christmas Albums

We Are Not American Christians

In a tense, divided America, many Christians are anything but loving. By Sydni Wolpert, Staff Writer and Artist The 2020 American presidential election has been a wild ride. Two candidates with very different opinions and viewpoints on the world have deeply divided Americans, including Christians in America. "We the People" have demonized any person that … Continue reading We Are Not American Christians

Old Fashioned Potato Candy

This unconventional candy recipe will leave you pleasantly confused. By Sydni Wolpert, Staff Writer and Artist If you thought that mashed potatoes could never be the main ingredient in a candy dish, think again! I found this Great-Depression era dessert recipe floating around on social media and immediately decided to give it a try. The … Continue reading Old Fashioned Potato Candy

Best Healthy Hut Flavors

Stuck on what to get?  Here are some of healthy huts' best protein shake flavors.  By Katie Sell, Staff Writer Healthy Hut is a great spot to hit after practice, a workout, or just if you’re craving something sweet without all that sugar. The only downside to their business is trying to figure out what … Continue reading Best Healthy Hut Flavors

Christmas Gift Ideas for Anyone

Stuck on what to get?  This list covers just about anyone on yours.  By Katie Sell, Staff Writer Whether you enjoy Christmas shopping or not, the time is here.  Although it might look a little different this year, fear not, you can still get the perfect gifts for your family and friends from the comfort … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for Anyone

Cross Country: Conference Champs

The men's team sweeps the conference championship on top. By Katie Sell, Staff Writer  November 7th marked an important feat for the men's cross country team.  Out of 10 teams, Huntington took the number one spot, claiming the champion title at the Crossroads League Championship.  Five foresters placed top 12 in the collegiate 8k: Adrien … Continue reading Cross Country: Conference Champs

Rise in COVID Cases: Where Does it Leave Us?

Recent campus-wide spike in cases leave HU students uncertain for what's to come next. By Katie Sell, Staff Writer Just before the break, Huntington University experienced a slight hiccup in COVID cases on campus.  Many students were placed in Hardy to quarantine, and many others went home in order to distance themselves. This provoked a … Continue reading Rise in COVID Cases: Where Does it Leave Us?

Ideas for a Quarantined Thanksgiving

Feeling trapped by the pandemic restrictions this holiday? Here are some ideas to lift your spirits. By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor Unfortunately, this Thanksgiving is going to look a lot different than in years past. The coronavirus continues to rage across our country and the world, which means that getting together in person with extended … Continue reading Ideas for a Quarantined Thanksgiving

BurgerFi Review

BurgerFi offers scrumptious yet expensive burgers. By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor Once upon a time, a teenage girl had the best burger ever at a burger joint called BurgerFi in Mentor, Ohio. Shortly after this magical culinary encounter, BurgerFi closed its doors permanently. The girl wept profusely...on the inside. Flash forward many years later to … Continue reading BurgerFi Review

Holiday Gift Ideas: 2020 Edition

Here are five gift category ideas you can consider for your loved ones this holiday season. By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor Happy (early) Holly Jolly season! It’s the time of year for gift-giving (and receiving!). This can be a wonderful tradition for showing your loved ones how much you care for them, but sometimes, it’s … Continue reading Holiday Gift Ideas: 2020 Edition

Cool Weather Drinks in Fort Wayne

Here are some spots in Fort Wayne you can go to get great warm drinks! By Mia Splendore, Staff Writer and Artist Fall is finally upon us with winter quickly approaching, so we need to get ready to face these cool months head-on. Sweaters, thick socks and cozy fires are seasonal staples for a lot … Continue reading Cool Weather Drinks in Fort Wayne

“The Haunting of Bly Manor” Review

Netflix releases another spooky drama series—just in time for Halloween! By Sydni Wolpert, Staff Writer and Artist Fans of “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix will be excited to hear that the series’ second season, “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” is another winner. I love a good spooky series, and this one had me … Continue reading “The Haunting of Bly Manor” Review

I Was Quarantined in Hardy Hall

Developing a fever on campus leads to an unprecedented experience these days. By Sydni Wolpert Hardy Hall, the oldest dorm on Huntington University’s campus, has always been a talking point for HU students. Whether it be the vibrant community in years past or the lack thereof this year, Foresters note the energy that the building … Continue reading I Was Quarantined in Hardy Hall

Commuter headaches

HU commuter students express their day-to-day struggle on their journey to campus. From traffic to roadkill, these students hit the open road to attend classes–even if five minutes late. By Ashlye Silva, Contributor “Uh-oh,” interrupted Brock Snyder, during an interview with Hannah Weaver. Both are sitting in the commuter lounge in Loew-Brenn. “Commuters are actually getting recognized?” he … Continue reading Commuter headaches

New building at HU: Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center

Huntington University's most recent addition is located by the practice soccer fields and is already being used for courses related to animal science and agriculture, as well as a meeting space for the Collegiate Farm Bureau chapter and Pre-Vet Club. By Laura Caicedo Co-Editor-in-chief This project was born as a byproduct of one of the … Continue reading New building at HU: Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center

Credit Card: Debt or Asset?

For HU students Cam Manning, Wade Leatherman, and Maddie LeBlanc, the truth behind their credit card spending habits is revealed when they take on this responsibility. By Hope Eberly, Contributor Sophomore Maddie LeBlanc, a marketing and management major, has had a credit card for nearly a year. There’s mainly one thing she likes to spend … Continue reading Credit Card: Debt or Asset?