Your Student Government Is Here for You.

It’s a weird time to be a student at Huntington University. Please know that there are students (like me) who you can bring your concerns to. By Michael Lehman, Editor-in-Chief

Student Body President Today, Soldier Tomorrow

Next month, Huntington University’s senior class will graduate and enter a new world of opportunities and freedoms. But SangJin Woo, president of HU’s Student Government Association, has one major requirement to check off before he can enter that world. By Michael Lehman, Editor-in-Chief

SGA news brief (Issue 4, Volume 97)

COFFEE AND GAMES There will be Keurig coffee makers and board games placed in the residence hall lounges. The Keurigs were the winner of Think Tank, and thanks to President Emberton, Ed.D., faculty, staff and SGA, there will be numerous games including Jenga, Scattergories, Scrabble, Life, Candy Land,  Monopoly, Clue, Taboo, Settlers of Catan, Apples … Continue reading SGA news brief (Issue 4, Volume 97)