“Tom and Jerry” Review

While not utterly terrible, Tom and Jerry left me feeling lukewarm. By Scott Wood, Staff Writer and Artist To be quite frank, my feelings toward the live-action Tom and Jerry reboot started off being very lukewarm. After watching it finally, I’m proud to say that I’m still lukewarm on this film.  I was relieved to … Continue reading “Tom and Jerry” Review

Living in a Post-Snyder Cut Society

Streaming could be ushering in a renaissance of structurally diverse movies. By Scott Wood, Staff Writer and Artist Of all the scenarios in which Justice League: The Snyder Cut could be released, a mass-closing of movie theaters across the country has to be the most ideal. At a time when the pool of fresh movies … Continue reading Living in a Post-Snyder Cut Society

“Sonic” Movie Review

I am relieved to announce that this movie is nothing special. By Scott Wood, Staff Writer/Artist When the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was first announced, I, along with millions of moviegoers across the world, felt a gut feeling of morbid curiosity mixed with impending dread, dread which would later be further amplified and echoed upon … Continue reading “Sonic” Movie Review

“Portrait of a Lady on Fire” Review

This unique film is a work of art that shouldn’t be missed. Rebekah Karp, Staff Writer/Artist Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a love story to last the ages. This film is written and directed by Céline Sciamma. It follows a young woman who is about to be married, and a young female painter. … Continue reading “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” Review