Why I Decided To Dye My Hair

Although I never considered it prior to this year, I made a change in style over J-Term. By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor Over J-Term, I made a decision that I am still quite shocked by: I dyed my hair green. Up until now, I've never wanted to dye my hair. In fact, I've always been … Continue reading Why I Decided To Dye My Hair

Old Fashioned Potato Candy

This unconventional candy recipe will leave you pleasantly confused. By Sydni Wolpert, Staff Writer and Artist If you thought that mashed potatoes could never be the main ingredient in a candy dish, think again! I found this Great-Depression era dessert recipe floating around on social media and immediately decided to give it a try. The … Continue reading Old Fashioned Potato Candy

A Collection of 00’s Halloween Nostalgia

Katie Sell, Staff Writer Something about the crisp autumn air and wearing cozy clothes brings me right back to my childhood. You know when a certain smell triggers an old memory you completely forgot you had?  Like pencil shavings reminding you of the first days of elementary school, or the morning air bringing you back to … Continue reading A Collection of 00’s Halloween Nostalgia

Bananawiiie! Recipe

This delectable dish is filled with deliciousness.  By: Drake Sare, Staff Writer and Artist  Ingredients:  1-2 Kiwis  1 Banana  Materials:  Cutting Board Butter Knife Whisk  Bowl  Medium Sized Spoon  Instructions: 1. Peel the banana and cut the tips off before use. 2. Use the butter knife to cut the banana into little pieces and place … Continue reading Bananawiiie! Recipe

I Was Quarantined in Hardy Hall

Developing a fever on campus leads to an unprecedented experience these days. By Sydni Wolpert Hardy Hall, the oldest dorm on Huntington University’s campus, has always been a talking point for HU students. Whether it be the vibrant community in years past or the lack thereof this year, Foresters note the energy that the building … Continue reading I Was Quarantined in Hardy Hall

Cool Weather Drinks in Fort Wayne

Here are some spots in Fort Wayne you can go to get great warm drinks! By Mia Splendore, Staff Writer and Artist Fall is finally upon us with winter quickly approaching, so we need to get ready to face these cool months head-on. Sweaters, thick socks and cozy fires are seasonal staples for a lot … Continue reading Cool Weather Drinks in Fort Wayne

Tea Vs. Coffee

Tea has a lot of health benefits that coffee doesn't have. By Mia Splendore, Staff Writer/Artist The winters in Indiana are long and cold, so it’s always nice to have something warm to keep us from hypothermia. Hot drinks like tea or coffee are winter staples for a lot of people, but when it comes … Continue reading Tea Vs. Coffee

Meditation for beginners

  When life becomes stressful and you are in need of a break, meditation can allow for a peaceful and relaxing escape. However, it can be hard to get started with something new like meditation and figuring out the best way to begin. For this article, I tried guided meditations through three different platforms, a … Continue reading Meditation for beginners