BurgerFi Review

BurgerFi offers scrumptious yet expensive burgers. By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor Once upon a time, a teenage girl had the best burger ever at a burger joint called BurgerFi in Mentor, Ohio. Shortly after this magical culinary encounter, BurgerFi closed its doors permanently. The girl wept profusely...on the inside. Flash forward many years later to … Continue reading BurgerFi Review

Affordable Fall Recipes

Easy fall recipes especially for college students  By Hannah Taylor, Staff Writer The fall season is in full swing! Along with the weather and leaves changing, this season comes with all the great flavors of fall. There’s nothing like a good home cooked fall treat, but as a college student, that might seem like a … Continue reading Affordable Fall Recipes

Giving Meals to the Needy in Huntington

This Huntington nonprofit provides meals to those in need. By Isiah Huber, Staff Writer Meal Ministry is a nonprofit operation that has been operating in Huntington for over 15 years, and in those 15 years, they’ve only closed five times. It started in the basement of a local church, but the movement didn’t gain much … Continue reading Giving Meals to the Needy in Huntington

Tea Vs. Coffee

Tea has a lot of health benefits that coffee doesn't have. By Mia Splendore, Staff Writer/Artist The winters in Indiana are long and cold, so it’s always nice to have something warm to keep us from hypothermia. Hot drinks like tea or coffee are winter staples for a lot of people, but when it comes … Continue reading Tea Vs. Coffee

Nick’s Kitchen: Local Restaurant Review

A great recipe made Nick’s kitchen worth visiting. By Jonathan Wagner, Staff Writer Huntington has a local restaurant named Nick’s Kitchen, which has been in business in the same location, 506 North Jefferson Street, since 1908. While they serve a variety of things, from breakfast to lunch to dinner, they pride themselves on being the … Continue reading Nick’s Kitchen: Local Restaurant Review