Affordable Fall Recipes

Easy fall recipes especially for college students  By Hannah Taylor, Staff Writer The fall season is in full swing! Along with the weather and leaves changing, this season comes with all the great flavors of fall. There’s nothing like a good home cooked fall treat, but as a college student, that might seem like a … Continue reading Affordable Fall Recipes

Fun Fall Festivities

Here are some fun area events to consider now that the leaves are changing colors. By Laura Caicedo, Staff Writer Sad because summer is over and done with? Bored a weekend night? No homework to do or just don’t feel like it? Here are some things that you can do with friends/family/significant other during autumn! … Continue reading Fun Fall Festivities

The gun if fired … and they’re still running

And they’re off! While most people can run, hardly anyone can run for long distances with the kind of pace the HU men’s cross country team can hold. This is one of the most mentally challenging sports out there; it’s just you and your mind, racing towards a finish line you cannot see. The men’s … Continue reading The gun if fired … and they’re still running