Huntington Takes a Stand

By Juliet Wilson, Copy Editor This week, a group of HU students is putting on a week-long event called Huntington Takes a Stand. In order to learn more about this project, I interviewed Ali Everett. She graciously agreed to tell me more about what the project is and how it was born. In a class … Continue reading Huntington Takes a Stand

Olympiad Races into Action

By Isiah Huber, Staff Writer The 26th anniversary of Olympiad has hit the ground running, and with 37 events this year, there is no shortage of things to go to, do, or see. There are new events to Olympiad this year, including Mario Kart, Kemps, Dance Dance Revolution, Revolving Karaoke, and Battleship (not the board … Continue reading Olympiad Races into Action

A Sneak-Peek at Olympiad 2019

Fall break is right at our doorstep. Behind it stands Olympiad, one of campus's biggest events of the year. By Laura Caicedo, Staff Writer Olympiad 2019 is coming to us in its four-day-weekend extravaganza from Oct. 24-27. Students will, once again, wear their designated colors and compete against others for bragging rights. Will this Olympiad … Continue reading A Sneak-Peek at Olympiad 2019