Nacho Poncio: From Tennis Player to Head Coach

By Sebastián Salas Staff Writter Ignacio “Nacho” Poncio became HU’s youngest head coach this season, leading the Men’s Tennis program to a well-fought fourth place in the conference. After wrapping up his exceptional tennis career with four All-Conference honors, the Argentinian graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2019 with a double major in Business Management and … Continue reading Nacho Poncio: From Tennis Player to Head Coach

Playing with P.O.T.S.

Play, pass out. Play, pass out. This pattern was soccer life for Amanda Burge after she developed P.O.T.S. her senior year of high school, a condition that causes the heart and brain to not communicate. Despite her medical symptoms, family asking her why she wouldn’t just quit and disheartening doctor’s recommendations, Burge continued to play — and later coach — the game she loved. By Courtney Borton, Contributor | Dec. 12, 2016

Stoffel Hits the Ground Running

The transfer from IU has become one of the top female runners in the NAIA. By Laura Caicedo, Staff Writer Spring starts, but so does track season for Hannah Stoffel, junior exercise science major. She recently finished first in the individual NAIA women’s cross-country national championship with a time of 17:18.4 on the 5k – … Continue reading Stoffel Hits the Ground Running