We Are Not American Christians

In a tense, divided America, many Christians are anything but loving. By Sydni Wolpert, Staff Writer and Artist The 2020 American presidential election has been a wild ride. Two candidates with very different opinions and viewpoints on the world have deeply divided Americans, including Christians in America. "We the People" have demonized any person that … Continue reading We Are Not American Christians

“Out of Body” Album Review

Despite taking a break from music, NEEDTOBREATHE’s latest album comes in strong. By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor It’s been over four years since Christian rock band NEEDTOBREATHE released their last studio album, “Hard Love.” This hiatus was the longest one the band ever took, but thankfully, the wait is now over. This August, NEEDTOBREATHE’s seventh … Continue reading “Out of Body” Album Review

Awakening Fire: On-Campus Missions

Here’s what you need to know about this campus organization. By Jonathan Wagner, Staff Writer Awakening Fire is Huntington University’s local branch of the organization known more commonly as University Christian Outreach. They are an ecumenical organization dedicated to following Jesus’s Great Commission on college campuses, discipling students and helping them grow in their faith. … Continue reading Awakening Fire: On-Campus Missions

Mark Fairchild: Huntington’s New Testament Scholar

This Bible and religion professor does far more than just teach.  By Jonathan Wagner, Staff Writer  Professor Mark Fairchild is a department chair for the Bible and religion department here at Huntington, where he has been teaching for over thirty years. Fairchild originally grew up in Northwest Pennsylvania. He eventually went to Pennsylvania State University, … Continue reading Mark Fairchild: Huntington’s New Testament Scholar

Who Needs Prayer Around the World: March 2020

While it’s important to pray for others, make sure to also pray for yourself. By Kennedi McCoy, Staff Writer This month for those who need prayer around the world, I'd like to ask that you pray for yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up with the world around us that we forget to check in … Continue reading Who Needs Prayer Around the World: March 2020