Despite Obstacles, Social Work Majors Complete Senior Practicums

This week, all seven graduating social work majors will log the last hour of their senior practicums. The unique skills they've learned during this challenging time may help them transition into a mid-pandemic workforce. By Michael Lehman, Editor-in-Chief

After 12 Years, Resident Director Mallory Harrigan Bids HU Farewell

"Baker/Roush, it’s hard for me to imagine life without you," Harrigan says. "There is truly no way possible to convey how much Baker/Roush has meant to me in this season of life." By Michael Lehman, Editor-in-Chief

Animation Seniors Prepare for Life After College

With the combination of a heavy workload, applying for jobs and preparing for life beyond school, three senior HU animation students describe how they have prepared going into their final semester before graduation. By Brady Doorn, Contributor

From Force to Forester

After graduating from Huntington University in 1998, Justin Faw served on the Marion Police Department for nearly 21 years, working detective cases and balancing his family life with his career. A year and a half ago, Faw returned to his alma mater as its newest chief of police, and he couldn’t be happier. By Michael Lehman, Editor-in-Chief | May 14, 2019

2019 HU Grad at Sony Animation

An update on HU alumna Jemimah Obileye. By Keila Funez, Staff Writer Jemimah Obileye graduated from Huntington University with a degree in Animation in May of 2019. She was an international student from Nigeria and is known by her friends for her good heart. A month later after graduating, on June 26, Obileye started working at Sony Animation in Los … Continue reading 2019 HU Grad at Sony Animation

The Surreality of Senior Year

My thoughts going into my last semester before graduation. By Laura Caicedo, Staff Writer Winters in Indiana have taught me that no matter how much we try to put a timeframe on things, they are not going to go our way. Thinking that winter starts on December 22is only but an illusion — and thinking … Continue reading The Surreality of Senior Year

GM Strike: A Month into It

By Luke Fillers, Staff Writer Several weeks have passed and the General Motors strike continues with picketing and patience. It has been over a month since the strike started and negotiations are still up in the air.  “We are heading into uncharted territories,” said Holli Murphy, the president of the United Automotive Workers labor union … Continue reading GM Strike: A Month into It

FACULTY COLUMNIST: College education increases quality of life and career

President Sherilyn Emberton critically discusses the significance of a private, faith-based, liberal arts college education. Does College Matter? After several years of media discourse and public debate, most economic indicators still support the position that a college education aligns with higher and more sustainable employment opportunities than a high school credential. In a 2012 study, … Continue reading FACULTY COLUMNIST: College education increases quality of life and career