Fake news counts as false testament

A few months ago, a friend posted on his Facebook page an image of a Twitter exchange in which Donald Trump congratulated Serena Williams on winning a tennis tournament. Williams responded by taking Trump to task for some of his comments on race and gender. I became engaged in a Facebook conversation about Williams’s responses, … Continue reading Fake news counts as false testament

Disney isn’t responsible for self image

For a while now, content aggregators like Buzzfeed have been earning clicks by publishing list articles involving images of popular Disney characters edited to portray a realistic body image. The complaint against Disney is that the art styles of their most popular movies, like Frozen, promote unrealistic body expectations, particularly for the young women who watch … Continue reading Disney isn’t responsible for self image

Students prepare to vote for who they hate least

Faced with an impossible decision, Huntington University students are left to decide who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election, if they vote at all.

What to Do? Being a Political Christian in 2016

Despair. That’s often my one-word reply when someone asks me my thoughts on the current, seemingly endless, presidential campaign. Despair, that is, as someone who has followed politics for a long time and voted in ten presidential elections. There are plenty of reasons to despair, that’s for sure. Both major party candidates come closest to … Continue reading What to Do? Being a Political Christian in 2016

Third parties deserve equal coverage

With this presidential election being the first election I can vote in I was initially full of excitement and impatience. As the election year went on I became more turned off by both parties, finding myself not aligning with either side completely. I liked some of Kasich’s ideas while also being a fan of some … Continue reading Third parties deserve equal coverage