Cool Weather Drinks in Fort Wayne

Here are some spots in Fort Wayne you can go to get great warm drinks! By Mia Splendore, Staff Writer and Artist Fall is finally upon us with winter quickly approaching, so we need to get ready to face these cool months head-on. Sweaters, thick socks and cozy fires are seasonal staples for a lot … Continue reading Cool Weather Drinks in Fort Wayne

Tea Vs. Coffee

Tea has a lot of health benefits that coffee doesn't have. By Mia Splendore, Staff Writer/Artist The winters in Indiana are long and cold, so it’s always nice to have something warm to keep us from hypothermia. Hot drinks like tea or coffee are winter staples for a lot of people, but when it comes … Continue reading Tea Vs. Coffee

“Birds of Prey” Review

The film is fun, fast-paced and very stylistic. By Mia Splendore, Staff Writer/Artist The 2016 blockbuster Suicide Squad was a disappointing installment in DC’s cinematic universe for a lot of fans, despite being a huge box office success, bringing in nearly $750 million.  The Harley Quinn-centered sequel (of sorts) Birds of Prey came out in … Continue reading “Birds of Prey” Review