Commuter headaches

HU commuter students express their day-to-day struggle on their journey to campus. From traffic to roadkill, these students hit the open road to attend classes–even if five minutes late. By Ashlye Silva, Contributor “Uh-oh,” interrupted Brock Snyder, during an interview with Hannah Weaver. Both are sitting in the commuter lounge in Loew-Brenn. “Commuters are actually getting recognized?” he … Continue reading Commuter headaches

New building at HU: Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center

Huntington University's most recent addition is located by the practice soccer fields and is already being used for courses related to animal science and agriculture, as well as a meeting space for the Collegiate Farm Bureau chapter and Pre-Vet Club. By Laura Caicedo Co-Editor-in-chief This project was born as a byproduct of one of the … Continue reading New building at HU: Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center

Credit Card: Debt or Asset?

For HU students Cam Manning, Wade Leatherman, and Maddie LeBlanc, the truth behind their credit card spending habits is revealed when they take on this responsibility. By Hope Eberly, Contributor Sophomore Maddie LeBlanc, a marketing and management major, has had a credit card for nearly a year. There’s mainly one thing she likes to spend … Continue reading Credit Card: Debt or Asset?

Living in a Post-Snyder Cut Society

Streaming could be ushering in a renaissance of structurally diverse movies. By Scott Wood, Staff Writer and Artist Of all the scenarios in which Justice League: The Snyder Cut could be released, a mass-closing of movie theaters across the country has to be the most ideal. At a time when the pool of fresh movies … Continue reading Living in a Post-Snyder Cut Society

“Tom and Jerry” Review

While not utterly terrible, Tom and Jerry left me feeling lukewarm. By Scott Wood, Staff Writer and Artist To be quite frank, my feelings toward the live-action Tom and Jerry reboot started off being very lukewarm. After watching it finally, I’m proud to say that I’m still lukewarm on this film.  I was relieved to … Continue reading “Tom and Jerry” Review