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About the Huntingtonian

The Huntingtonian is an independently produced student news website and newspaper for the campus of Huntington University in Huntington, Ind. The Huntingtonian and its content reflect the positions of the student writers but not necessarily those of the institution nor its faculty nor administration nor trustees. The newspaper and news website form a lab for students to hone their skills in reporting and editing, and as such should be read as a learning tool for developing professional journalistic judgment and aptitude. The editorial staff, reporters and columnists commit themselves to the journalistic ideal of fair, accurate and balanced reporting. If you have any concerns about the reporting or editing, please contact the editor-in-chief or the faculty adviser to The Huntingtonian.

The newspaper editorial staff is selected by the Editorial Board following an open application process each spring semester. Students of any major or year are encouraged to apply before the March 5 deadline each spring for the following autumn. A description of the roles and payments for the editorial and design positions is available at “Join the Huntingtonian Staff” under the Contact Us tab. The editorial staff also pays individual writers for reporting stories ($20 each published article or audio/videocast). Contact the editor if interested in contributing to The Huntingtonian.

Please make use of the comments box at the end of each article and column. Your comments — including opposing points of view – are welcome if they are pertinent to the story and are respectful in tone and word choice. All comments must be “signed” with your first and last name. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit or reject comments that don’t meet these standards.

Online policy

Huntington University’s president, dean of students, and/or academic dean may request the removal of an article or visual posting from the Huntingtonian online website and submit that item to the publication’s board for review. Such reviews should be requested only for perceived improprieties, not for articles and items which may merely be perceived as reflecting negatively on the university. The immediate removal of an item may only be approved with the consent of two members of the publication’s board. The entire publication’s board will review each item requested to be removed and rule on whether the item under question should be modified, permanently removed, or re-posted in its original form to the Huntingtonian website. If the board determines that an objectionable article or visual display has been published, a correction or a statement of modification should be posted with the revised article or display, or, if an item will not be re-posted, a stand-alone statement will be posted at the same Internet address (URL). Approved by the university faculty in spring 2010.

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