What’s it like being a resident assistant? A few RA’s talk about their experience.

By Hannah Martinez, Staff Writer

As the semester ends, preparations are being made for next year. As underclassmen take on leadership roles, there will be significant changes in the dynamic of each floor. To help this transition go smoother, I interviewed both RAs on Baker 3rd. 

Their advice was mostly about talking to those around you. Raelynn emphasized taking time to stay in the lounge and say hi to all of the girls.

“This is a great way to meet new people and have fun!” She says.

She also emphasized getting to know the girls on the other floors. The best way to do this is “when you are on rounds, actually take time to talk to the others.” She even encourages you to go and talk to the Baker boys. She explains their energy as “so fun and giving you so much life.” The best takeaway from her advice is to have fun as an RA. 

To say being an RA will be a breeze, though, would be an understatement. There will be times when you are confronted with a situation and don’t know what to do. This is when you should rely on those around you.

Leah says, “You have a great team of people who are also experiencing the same things as you–use them as resources.”

Each RA brings something different to the team, and someone may have an idea or answer that you haven’t thought of.

“There is a chance that they know how to handle what you are going through,” Leah says. “Use them as a resource. You have them for a reason. Lean on each other.”

I think it is essential to see that your peers will be your friends and your greatest resource. 

You should not be scared to be an RA, but instead, be excited about the great experience ahead of you. You will all do fantastic, and I cannot wait to see how you help mold and shape your peers! But most importantly, reach out if you need help.