Huntington University has a lot of talented students, but the HU choir does not get the chance to show their abilities in Chapel.

By Hannah Martinez, Staff Writer

Tuesday and Thursday Chapels start by worshiping the Lord through music. This praise is typically done by our campus band, Joyful Noise. As much as the students love this band, there is an equally talented group of students who want their share of the spotlight—the Huntington University Concert Choir.​​

The concert choir has performed three times during chapel this year, the latest being Tuesday, April 4. Since the ensemble is full of talent, it came as a shock they sang as backup to Joyful Noise (April 4). The choir is fine with sharing the stage, but they would love to sing their own repertoire. The ensemble enjoyed singing “Worthy to be Praised” and was looking forward to sharing another piece they have been working on.

“I enjoy singing “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “Summer Time”” an anonymous ensemble member stated. “But I am specifically upset about not singing “John the Revelator.””

The chorus is hopeful that they may be able to sing more in the future. Until then, they will continue to fight for their voices to be heard.