Hosting a pizza party? Try The Patio Pizza & BBQ in Roanoke!

By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor

On March 11, Huntington University students were treated to a much needed week off from classes. While many celebrated the completion of their midterms by popping colorful balloons (or is that a final exams-only tradition?), others chose to indulge in a sweet treat or special meal. I picked the latter and made a pit stop in Roanoke on my way home to Ohio. The restaurant had caught my eye on my previous visits, and I was determined to finally try it.

The Patio Pizza & BBQ is located in Roanoke right off Highway 24, about a 15 minute drive from campus. The restaurant boasts, not surprisingly, its spacious patio where customers can enjoy their meals. Since it was snowing (sigh…), I opted to order a pizza to go and share it with my family. The BBQ Pit pizza sounded particularly appealing to everyone, so that’s the one I picked (although many other offerings appeared equally delectable). My pizza was ready on time and smelled heavenly. Would it live up to my expectations?

I made it home a few hours later. Despite sitting in my car for that amount of time, the pizza warmed up very nicely in the microwave. My family all agreed that it tasted amazing! The pie came with pulled pork, BBQ sauce and chipotle mayo, onions and onion rings. Everything was balanced proportionately and complemented each other well. The dough was especially good; it almost reminded me of pita bread. It was so soft and melted in your mouth.

Besides pizza, The Patio serves up appetizers, BBQ platters and sides, pasta and simple desserts. While pizza is the main star of The Patio, I’d be willing to give some of their other options a try, considering how tasty their pizza was.

Personally, I would go back to The Patio Pizza & BBQ as soon as possible! Their pizza is amazing, and I can’t wait to try their other offerings.