Students in DM395 have created some fresh content for Forester Radio this semester.

By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor

“Forester Radio, radio with roots.”

As the manager for Huntington University’s student-led radio station—105.5 FM WQHU—these words are permanently ingrained into my brain. Working with the radio here at HU is one of my favorite college experiences, so I’m pleased to inform you about some recent additions to Forester Radio.

The radio practicum class has been hard at work this semester, creating new content to put on the station. In past semesters, this new content usually took the form of sweepers or other short-form audio projects. However, this semester, students have also had the opportunity to add their voice to the station with their own live radio shows. Many students, including myself, haven’t had any previous experience speaking live on the radio, but that soon changed with this class.

Below you’ll find a schedule of what to expect this semester on Forester Radio: 

  • Daily @ 4 a.m., 12 p.m., 8 p.m. – Short and sweet mental health tips and encouragement – “Mental Health Minute” 
  • Tuesdays 7-8 p.m. – Pop punk/alternative music show – “A Night in the Pit” (LIVE)
  • Wednesdays 1-2 p.m. – Christian music variety from the 80s-00s – “Wayback Wednesday” (LIVE)
  • Thursdays 7-8 p.m. – Animation talk and music variety show – “Cartoon Crazy Hour” (LIVE)
  • Fridays 1:30-2:00 p.m. – Interview/talk show with HU coaches – “Coach’s Corner” (LIVE)
  • Fridays 6-7 p.m. – Metal music show – “Heavy Cheese” (LIVE)
  • Saturdays 12-12:30 p.m. – Tech podcast/talk show – “Tech Talks”

When Forester Digital Network first hired me, my professor, Adam Widener, asked me if I could brainstorm some ideas of how the radio could incorporate the animation program into its current programming. At the time, I wondered if we could possibly create an animation-related podcast or radio show. Flash forward two years later, and I’m doing precisely that with Cartoon Crazy Hour. 

The name Cartoon Crazy Hour is an homage to a series of animation vlogs I created in middle and high school (many of which still exist in the deep, dark depths of my 2013 HP laptop’s hard drive). While these vlogs were usually only ten to twenty minutes long, the “new” Cartoon Crazy Hour is, not shockingly, an hour long. Between 7-8 p.m. on Thursdays, I pick a topic in animation to talk about and play some music from animated shows and movies. Think Disney tunes, movie soundtrack fare, and Spongebob songs (no joke). So far, we’ve discussed animated reboots, Encanto, Dr. Seuss and more. While there have certainly been times where I’ve felt stupid on-air (especially when butchering a voice actor’s name), having this radio hour has been a wonderful learning experience. It’s also quite fun!

Want to hear Cartoon Crazy Hour and these other awesome shows live on the air? Listen in at the times listed above at 105.5 FM WQHU. Or stream the station online anytime, anywhere at