By not taking my advice, your chances of survival will be even slimmer.

By Carissa Guffey, Staff Writer 

Do you ever wonder what you would do against a masked killer or a supernatural entity? Well, here’s a list of what not to do. 

  1. Don’t Go Upstairs 

If you’re running from a killer, the last thing you should do is take those stairs; you’re only getting yourself trapped.

  1. Never Leave Your Tent 

If you hear noise in the woods at night, crush that curiosity to go investigate. Instead, curl into a ball, pretend you heard nothing, and go back to sleep.

  1. Don’t Touch That Ouija Board

This one is pretty obvious, just don’t invite the ghosts into your home. If you absolutely must play with the demon board, then say goodbye.

  1. Sell the House 

If you’re unfortunate enough to end up with a haunted house, just take the loss and sell the house. Believe me, you won’t win that fight. 

  1. Now Is Not the Time to Lose Your Keys 

Above all else, always know where your keys are at all times. The last thing you want is a killer after you, and you must escape on foot because you misplaced your car keys. If you are escaping on foot, don’t stop running and hope the killer will give up. Hiding is a bad bet; they always seem to find you. 

  1. Do Not Split Up 

This is the most common mistake in movies, and everyone agrees it’s a bad idea. No matter how strategic it sounds at the time, you’re better off keeping your advantage in numbers.

  1. Put Away the Heels 

In an ideal world, we would all have a good pair of running shoes on hand, but if you find yourself in heels, then just ditch them. Barefoot is also a bad idea but compared to clumsy and loud heels, you may have to sacrifice. Just grab the nearest pair of shoes you can. 

  1. Don’t Be a Hero

We all have hero fantasies, but they will get you killed nine out of ten times. Unless you’re the main character, you will die trying to save everyone or maybe even make things worse. So do the right thing and run away. 

  1. Confirm the Kill

If you manage to kill the bad guy, then don’t ever assume they are actually done for. Do whatever you must to make sure they are dead and will stay dead. You’ll thank me for that one.