Waffles are the superior breakfast treat; here’s why.

By Carissa Guffey, Staff Writer 

Waffles are objectively better than pancakes. There is no competition. Not to say pancakes are bad; they are light, fluffy, and thin cakes that make a good breakfast any day. However, waffles will always be the better choice, and here’s why.

First, waffles are crispy and full of texture. Because of its grid, the syrup pools up in the squares while pancakes soak it all up and become soggy. Waffles can also be used in a savory context as part of a sandwich or paired with fried chicken. 

Pancakes may be slightly healthier, but let’s face it, neither is necessarily good for you. Some will also argue that making pancakes is more straightforward than making waffles. And while this may hold some truth, nothing hits better than simply popping an Eggo into the toaster. A waffle is superior to a pancake no matter what mood you are in and is the best treat.