One Huntington student transforms old commodities into new treasures.

By Sarah Disbro, Staff Writer

Spoon rings were once popular in the 1960s but have returned in stunning fashion. Huntington’s own, Reagan Sanderson, has single-handedly brought the spoon ring trend to HU’s campus and beyond. 

Sanderson started her handmade spoon ring business titled “Reag’s Rings” in the summer of 2021. 

“I had been seeing them around in shops and antique stores and on social media, and I thought they were really cool,” Sanderson said. “I’ve made wire-wrapped jewelry before, so I wanted to try something new.” 

Whether it’s a golden seashell, Rolex, or flowers, each ring has its own unique design as Sanderson looks for the spoons in antique shops, vintage stores and second-hand stores. 

Depending on the metal, a ring can take 15 minutes to an hour to make. 

“Pure silver spoons are very easy to bend and work very well with the equipment I have to use,” stated Sanderson. “Different types of metals take longer for me to bend.” 

Students at HU have been racing to get their fingers on a spoon ring from Reag’s Rings each time Sanderson posts a drop for new rings. 

“I turned on my post notifications because I wanted to make sure I got a shell ring,” said Laney Marshall, a HU student who just recently purchased from Reag’s Rings.

The reception from Huntington students has been nothing but positive for Sanderson’s spoon rings.

“It’s definitely the biggest outlet for sales I’ve ever had,” said Sanderson. “I’ve only had two times where I haven’t sold out, and that’s when I’ve done a really big drop with a ton of spoons.” 

Not only have students at Huntington become fans of Reag’s Rings, but so have people from all over the country. Sanderson has shipped rings to multiple states, with Massachusetts being the farthest. 

Looking ahead to the future, Sanderson said she wants to evolve her ring business by making dangly earrings or pendants using the design scraps from the spoons. 

Reag’s Rings can be purchased by following @reagsrings on Instagram or visiting local shops in Wabash and Warsaw.