Want to feel rich this Christmas? Each some DeBrand Fine Chocolates!

By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor

With the holidays approaching at full speed, one question is on everyone’s minds: “What will I get (insert loved one here) for (insert Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, another holiday here) this year?” Well, you could take a look at my Holiday Gift Ideas article from last year on The Huntingtonian’s website. Or, you could go with something sure to be a hit with anyone: chocolate! And no one does chocolate better in Fort Wayne than DeBrand Fine Chocolates.

I’ve lived in Huntington for over two years now, and not once have I tried chocolate from DeBrand. Some may call that revelation a crime, but luckily, I am no longer guilty since I recently sampled some chocolate for myself.

DeBrand has quite a few storefronts in Fort Wayne, but I visited the Jefferson Pointe location since it is the closest to Huntington (plus it’s right next to Trader Joe’s, and I had a severe orange chicken craving that day). While the store is small, the smell is grand. You can tell that you’re in for some seriously good chocolate upon walking in.

This DeBrand location sells assorted chocolate truffles and squares, as well as coffee, hot chocolate and candied apples. It was a toasty 55 degrees (a shock for early November), so I decided to pass on the hot chocolate (and candied apples are so last month). However, I knew I needed to try some chocolate ASAP.

I had no idea what to order, so I stood in the back like a fool until the woman at the counter called me forward. I asked if I could get four chocolate squares in a bag (pro tip: it’s cheaper if you order your chocolate in a bag!). The flavors were diverse and unique; some were fruity while others were rich and savory, and there was even a spicy option. I settled on two fruit-filled squares (raspberry and passion fruit), a caramel-filled square, and a mocha-filled square. My total came out to over $11, which seems a little insane for four small pieces of chocolate (you’re looking at $2.75 a pop).

Each of the chocolates had a sophisticated flavor palette that stuck with me even after I finished them. The base was smooth and creamy, while the fillings packed a sweet punch, especially the raspberry and passion fruit ones. The chocolates were also beautifully decorated; each was like a mini canvas for a marble swirl or intricate pattern. I felt wealthy eating these chocolates, even though I am sadly not. 

Keep in mind that these are DeBrand Fine Chocolates, meaning that they are considered artisan candy. While understandable, prices are very high for the amount of food you are getting. One full scoop of ice cream from West Central Microcreamery costs the same as one measly chocolate square that is a quarter of the size. As the consumer, you have to decide if you’d rather spend more money on a tiny yet elegant chocolate square or instead go to the gas station and spend a dollar on a Milky Way bar. You get what you pay for, as they say.

Still, I think DeBrand Fine Chocolates is a fine (pun intended) gift choice for your family and friends this holiday season. I recommend going to debrand.com and perusing some of their options. If you’re on a tight budget like I am, try looking at their stocking stuffers for under $11. Or if you want to go wild, try a chocolate gift box made out of actual chocolate and stuffed with even more chocolate (because everyone knows that $183 worth of chocolate is the greatest gift anyone can give).