If you love sushi and seafood, Umi is the place for you.

By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor

Every time I take U.S. Rt. 24 up to Fort Wayne, I pass by a restaurant called Umi. It’s tucked away in a chic, angular building with a blue fish on the front. I’ve always wanted to eat there, but I never ended up going. This past weekend, I decided to change that.

I entered the restaurant around “linner” time (too late for lunch but way too early for dinner). Since it was a Saturday, the menu remained consistent throughout the day. The choices ranged from sushi to seafood entrees to a wide assortment of appetizers. I settled on ordering donburi, a Japanese rice bowl dish containing meat and vegetables. My bowl came with tempura shrimp and pineapple layered on top of seafood fried rice with edamame. 

While I waited for my meal to come (which didn’t take long at all), I admired the restaurant’s modern interior. The lights were low and the decor was minimal, giving the restaurant a moody, romantic feel. It would be an ideal first date spot. I also appreciated the little details that the restaurant implemented, like placing a paper straw in my water instead of a plastic one.

When my “linner” arrived, it was in a black stone bowl much bigger than I imagined. A delicate purple tropical flower was placed on top, and I legitimately forgot I was in Indiana for a minute as my mind transported itself to Hawaii. After removing the flower (it was too pretty to eat), I dug in. 

No joke, it was probably one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. The shrimp was huge, plump and fresh; it didn’t taste like the dry Walmart brand shellfish I purchase for my meals at my apartment. The pineapple was also amazing. If you’ve never had fried pineapple, add it to your bucket list right now because it’s something you need to try before you die. A creamy, spicy mayo was drizzled on top of everything, which only added another layer of delectable flavor.

Unfortunately, Umi is more on the expensive side, so I probably won’t return there often (sigh…). However, as a one-time treat, I was impressed with everything Umi had to offer. I couldn’t recommend it more!