Instagram is full of creative posts from HU students tackling the annual “Inktober” challenge

By Sydni Wolpert, Staff Writer and Artist

Inktober is an annual social media challenge for artists that takes place every October. Started by a pen-and ink artist named Jake Parker in 2009, Inktober challenges artists to draw everyday and post their progress on social media platforms. The Inktober team puts out a list of daily prompts that cover all thirty-one days of October. This creative challenge spans the globe and cooks up an international community of artistry and improvement. The whole point of participating in Inktober is to work on drawing skills and have fun!

Since there is no shortage of creative students at HU, it is only expected that a decent handful of Foresters participate in the annual Inktober challenge. Instagram is flooded with daily creative posts from HU artists putting their own spin on the drawing prompts. Some students stick to traditional pen and ink, while others add a pop of color or carry out the challenge through digital drawings. Being a Digital Media Arts (DMA) student myself, I was inspired by the many classmates that were participating in the challenge. Though I have fallen immensely behind in the challenge this year (due to other academic priorities), I still intend to make a few more posts. (You can check out my artwork on Instagram: @lydniart). 

If you’re on Instagram, definitely check out the hashtag #hudmainktober2021 to see what our artistic Foresters in the DMA department have been up to this October! Senior animation major, Matthew Raman, created the hashtag to keep track of all the cool posts being made here on campus.

Inktober photo is from @nick.artofvaryingquality on Instagram. Nick Robinson is an animation senior at HU.