Mini-fridges are the coolest things known to mankind.

By Ryan Snider, Staff Writer and Artist

Mini-fridges. They’re awesome.

Think about it; refrigerators are already pretty legit. You can store food in them to last longer, which is already a feat of science by itself. Now imagine if you had this supreme power of food longevity, and you smooshed it down to a smaller size. BAM! You got yourself a mini-fridge.

“Now, Ryan,” you’re probably thinking. “Bigger is better. Why the heck would you want a small refrigerator?” And I have one word for you…

Portability baby! It’s freakin’ amazing! 

“Oh shoot, college dorms are so small. I wish I had somewhere to keep my food cold!” a hypothetical college student cries. 

“Use a mini-fridge, fool!” I say back. You got the sleek, stylishness of a fridge and the portability to fit your dorm’s needs. It’s the perfect combination.

But if for some reason, you don’t like how mini-fridges look, I have a solution. 


Plaster those bad boys all over the place, and you’ve got yourself a fine lookin’ mini-fridge. Because I think we can all agree, stickers are pretty epic. And decking out a mini-fridge with them bumps up their coolness level up a few notches.

However, stickers are somewhat permanent. And if you’re not ready for that commitment yet, magnets will suffice.

“But Ryaaaan, I eat at the Dining Commons. I don’t need to keep food cold!” you say back. Well, well, well, let me stop you right there. Not only do mini-fridges store food, but drinks as well. Keepin’ those Arnold Palmers cold and crisp, baby.

Nevertheless, you might like your drinks all warm and nasty. So go ahead and drink them like that, I guess. It’s a free country, after all.

But I’ll sit back in my deflated bean bag chair, take a nice, cold sip of my root beer, and smile. Because gosh dangit, my mini-fridge kept that bad boy nice and cool.