So far, the Forester Softball team has had some impressive successes.

By Katie Sell, Staff Writer

Softball had their season opener late-February with a nice sweep over Midway University. The final scores of the games were 7-4 and 10-4, respectively. The momentum was brought to a halt in their next pair of games at Logansport High School in early March when Olivet Nazarene University beat out the Foresters. The 14th best in the nation gave the Foresters a tough game, overcoming them by 14 points in the second game. Three players achieved doubles throughout the two games: #7 Minor, #15 Robey and #27 Reed, with Reed also securing a home run in the first game.    

Huntington University’s next game was a shoo-in towering over IUSB at Potawatomi Field. Taking the first game with eight points, the opponent wasn’t even able to put themselves on the board. In the second game, HU took yet again with a score of 4-1. Fretz displayed discipline, only allowing one hit and one walk-through. #8 Jada Crofoot hit a triple in the fourth, and #23 Lorkowski earned a double both in game two.  

Foresters brought their game against Judson University, securing a nice lead in both games: 10-2 and 8-0. HU took five doubles in the first game, and Adelyn Harsh struck out two for the win. Offensively, the Foresters strung along with great plays from Robey, Minor, Mason and Eichelburg. Second games’ pitcher Mica Allen had a near-perfect slate, allowing nothing in the first four until a walk-in at that point. She earned her first collegiate win that game.

Mid-March brought some difficulty. Indiana Tech proved a formidable contender, following HU up the board but just falling short with a 15-13 win for HU. In the second game, HU was smoked out with a disfavoring final score of 12-4. Squeezing past Asbury in the next set of games, the ladies brought their record up to 9-3. Both Indiana Southeast and Spring Arbor gave Huntington a run for their money, handing them four more losses. The Cougars’ competition was very close, but the Cougars snuck away with the win on the league opener by just one point in both games.