Here are five gift category ideas you can consider for your loved ones this holiday season.

By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor

Happy (early) Holly Jolly season! It’s the time of year for gift-giving (and receiving!). This can be a wonderful tradition for showing your loved ones how much you care for them, but sometimes, it’s hard to know what to purchase or make. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some gift ideas for this very…unique…year. Luckily, 2020 has not canceled Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate), and the list below proves that. Read on to see if any of these ideas resonate with you or your family.

  1. Masks

I know, I know. Everyone is sick of wearing a mask by now, including me. Unfortunately, until a successful vaccine is widely distributed, it’s looking more likely that we’ll have to wear masks throughout 2021. Instead of grumbling about it, why not make the mundane mouth wear fun? There are plenty of places to purchase masks nowadays with a neverending flurry of styles and designs. How about a floral patterned mask for Mom, or maybe you can find a mask with Dad’s favorite football team? Perhaps your little brother is really into cars, and your little sister dreams of owning a unicorn. Guess what? They sell masks with these things on them! Masks can be a great way of showing off your personality (which we desperately need since they cover your smile). They also make a cool gift idea for everyone in your family.


  1. Hot Toys

Do you have young ones for whom you are shopping? What better way to surprise them on Christmas morning than by getting them one of the hottest toys of the year? Baby Yoda is making a resurgence thanks to season two of The Mandalorian, and another baby—Baby Shark—is still as popular as ever. There are millions of dolls to choose from this holiday season, including those from brands like Rainbow High, L.O.L. Surprise, Cave Club, American Girl and Barbie. LEGO is also releasing some new building kits, including Super Mario themed ones. Whatever it is that they love to play with, you’ll surely be able to find it for the child in your life.


  1. Video Games

There seems to be a gamer in every family—maybe it’s you! There are some great options for them this season. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 released this November, and the Nintendo Switch is still a hit with video game lovers worldwide. If your gamer isn’t looking to upgrade their console, how about getting them a new game? Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario, Super Smash Bros., Minecraft and Pokemon are all viable options. Although they can be pricey, I would bet that your gamer would also appreciate a nice pair of gaming headphones.


  1. Streaming Subscription

How about gifting a streaming service subscription to your special person? After all, we’re going to be stuck inside for most of the winter anyway, right? Providers like Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ offer thousands of hours of content directly at your fingertips. Plus, (virtual) movie night with family or friends can be a great way to spend time together.


  1. Self-care

We need self-care more than ever this Christmas, and there are plenty of gifts that will help your loved ones spend some quality “me” time. How about a cozy blanket or a soft pair of slippers? A heated pillow or an essential oil diffuser? Maybe a face roller or spa mask? If any of these don’t work, a mug with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows will surely do the trick.


Of course, there are countless more options out there, but I hope these five gift category ideas helped kick start your holiday shopping list. Happy giving!