BurgerFi offers scrumptious yet expensive burgers.

By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor

Once upon a time, a teenage girl had the best burger ever at a burger joint called BurgerFi in Mentor, Ohio. Shortly after this magical culinary encounter, BurgerFi closed its doors permanently. The girl wept profusely…on the inside. Flash forward many years later to when the girl is now a young woman attending college. She discovers that there is, in fact, another BurgerFi located roughly a half-hour away from campus. She giddily hops in her car and cruises up to Fort Wayne, ready to see if, after all these years, BurgerFi still holds up.

Ready for a secret? The person in that story was me. Surprise! I know, you must be shocked, but you’ll be even more flabbergasted when you try the fantastic food at BurgerFi.

This funky burger joint is located 30 miles from campus and can be accessed easily by taking U.S. 24 to I-69. When I walked in, I immediately received hip, modern vibes from the stylish decor and pop beats playing over the loudspeaker. The nice lady at the counter took my order, and although it took a while, the wait was worth it. 

I ordered The CEO, which is a double patty burger with bacon-tomato jam, truffle aioli and aged Swiss cheese. It was evident that the quality of the meat was a step-up from the stuff McDonald’s uses. The burger was tender and mouth-wateringly delicious. I do wish there had been a tad more flavor to the bacon-tomato jam; I could taste it, but it felt a little bland in areas.

I also ordered a regular serving of french fries, but to the naked eye, it looked like a super-sized order! While the fresh-cut fries were fair-quality good, I couldn’t finish them all, so I took a few back to my dorm.

To top off my gluttonous meal, I ordered a red velvet custard shake. It came topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, my favorite. Yum! It tasted just like red velvet and was a good consistency.

Although everything tasted great, my meal’s total came out to be much higher than I anticipated. I understand that this restaurant uses much better ingredients than most burger places, but more than $10 for just my burger felt over-the-top. I certainly don’t remember Five Guys being as expensive, and, in my opinion, the quality of their food matches BurgerFi.

Overall, I would recommend BurgerFi if you’re looking to splurge on a good meal. Just know that their prices aren’t college-budget friendly!