Students are already consumed by debt, so why should they pay extra for food at the DC?

By Rebekah Karp, Staff Writer and Artist

Something new has been brewing at the DC. It’s not the tragically lost sandwiches we said goodbye to at the end of this year, and it’s not the even more tragically lost orange chicken we may never see again from the Hub all those years ago. 

It is the fact that if we would like a different food option, we have to pay extra for it. 

That’s right, folks! Somehow, on top of the $10 average a meal costs on campus, if we want a different kind of food, we have to pay an additional price. 

Now, I am in no way slandering the new food service. I think it is a good change from the Chartwells we had grown accustomed to, but having to pay extra for a bowl of ramen, or some chicken tenders, seems a bit outrageous and ridiculous. I understand that the DC is a business as well and, in the past, has been able to make money off of Sunday morning guests who come for the buffet or families that come to visit their students. These instances are no longer an income source anymore due to our COVID rules, but I do not believe they should be targeting students who are already swimming in debt from tuition and meal plans to pay extra for, in some cases, better food. I very much enjoy the thought of new foods or specialty food items just once in a while at the DC, but do not think that those already paying for meals should have to pay even more to get a different menu item.

This is my opinion and the opinion of a few other students on campus.