Most college students spend their summers working a job, but how might that look now that COVID-19 is expected to keep more people at home?

By Laura Caicedo, Staff Writer

The summer of 2020 is one that no one has ever prepared for, experienced before, or even thought would happen.

Keila Funez, a nursing student, has been worried about what it will do to her summer.

She has worked with the admissions office here at Huntington during the summer. The opportunity has allowed her to stay on campus while making money as a resident conference assistant, which is something like an RA for summer camps and other activities happening on campus.

“It will all depend on how the virus is controlled,” Funez said. 

SUMMER JOB SHAKE-UP: Figuring out how to make money during the summer as a college student has now become a health concern as well. (Photo provided by Gabrielle Applebury)

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said in a televised announcement on Friday, May 1, that the decision is to “gradually ease rules with the goal of allowing nearly all activities to resume on July 4, potentially opening the way for major summer events, such as the rescheduled Indianapolis 500 on Aug. 23.”

Still, Funez does not see herself going back to her country, Honduras. 

“It is not a good idea to travel back home when things are out of control,” she said.

As states move slowly to go back to “normal” life, businesses and organizations will also follow suit.

Katherine Sell, a student from Canada, will still hold the same job she had last summer at a warehouse that is in charge of packaging Amazon products. 

“My job at the Plex has been put on hold due to campus closing, so I don’t have any way of making money for the remainder of the semester,” Sell said. “Luckily, I have that job lined up still.”