Get crafty with these two fun and easy quarantine projects.

By Rebekah Karp, Staff Writer and Artist

In these troubled times, it is hard to keep ourselves occupied. With all the new stress and anxiety of quarantine and the state of the world, it is hard to find time just to relax and find something to do, and there are only so many puzzles to be completed. It is important to find time to relax and just breathe. It is okay to feel stressed, scared and all the other emotions that seem to encroach on our happiness. However, there are some things you can do that are rhythmic and calming to the mind. Here are two easy and relaxing things to do while stuck in quarantine.

  1. God’s Eye: Remember middle school summer camp? This is a super fun and easy craft to do that produces charming and aesthetic results. All you need for this fun craft is two sticks that you can find on your daily stroll around the block and some yarn or twine (or some old friendship bracelet floss that has been hiding under your bed since the fourth grade). 

Putting the two sticks in a cross position, tie the string to one of the sticks at the place where the two sticks meet. From there, all you need to do is wrap the string in an under-over motion over one stick, rotating the sticks and continuing the under-over motion to the next stick. You can continue with just one color, or tie another string around the stick father upwards and continue with another color, creating something like the photo below!

GOD’S EYE: With two simple sticks and some yarn, you can create a fun craft like the one above! (Photo from
  1. Painting Rocks: I know, I know, the moment you start painting rocks, you’ve reached peak grandparent status, but painting rocks can be very interesting. Other than the fact that painting anything is fun, multiple Facebook communities have been founded. All over National Parks and common spaces, these painted rocks are hidden, and  if you find one, you post a picture and rehide the rock. It is crazy to see where your artwork ends up. Some Facebook pages to join are “Indiana Rocks!!,” “43055 Ohio Rocks,” and “Illinois Rocks.”