The 2020-2021 academic school year might be a little unusual due to several current events. Get to know the four students on SGA who you can bring your concerns to.

By Michael Lehman, Editor-in-Chief

Almost two months have passed since life was normal on HU’s campus. In mid-March, most students left Huntington for a spring break that never truly ended thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But during those last few weeks on campus, four HU students managed to get the 75 student signatures they needed to run for the Student Government Association’s 2020-2021 executive board (EB).

Junior Ashley Spirek will be the new student body president. She will work alongside senior Josh Wilson (vice president), freshman Corbin Hancock (secretary) and sophomore Seth Parsell (treasurer), who is returning for a second year in his position.

What makes this EB particularly unique is that it will be made up of students from each of the four current grade levels. Additionally, they are all from different academic disciplines.

“The new EB is going to bring a very different kind of energy and leadership into Huntington University next year!” current president SangJin Woo said in an email interview. “I am excited to see how Ashley and her team are going to impact the campus next year!”

Woo, who is graduating this month, will retire from EB alongside junior Hannah Schonfeld (vice president) and sophomore Erika James (secretary). Woo appeared to have a lot of faith in the new EB’s potential.

“They are all hardworking, dedicated, and intelligent people who will create a greater synergy when they work together,” he said. “I wish them the best of luck, and I will keep them in my prayers!

Get to know each of the four students by exploring and skimming their profiles below.

TOMORROW’S LEADERS: Meadows Hall representative Ashley Spirek will step up as student body president next year. Miller Hall representative Josh Wilson will serve alongside her as vice president. (Photo provided by the Student Government Association)

PRESIDENT: Karyn “Ashley” Spirek

YEAR: junior
MAJORS: history, philosophy, political science, international development studies
MINORS: non-Western studies, refugee studies
TIME ON SGA: 1 year (Meadows Hall rep)


“[SGA is] the communicative bridge between the student body and the administrative body, and we’re here to make sure that student voices are being heard.

“I chose this role because I care a lot about Huntington University students. … Furthermore, I think there is a huge window of opportunity for SGA to participate in a pivotal moment of growth that our HU community will be going through next year. It will be hard year, and it is a year that is marked by tremendous change. I think it might be possible that I could bring a certain perspective would be helpful to SGA next year as we learn to listen to a community who is going through change and instability.

“I grew up in Kyiv, Ukraine, and my city went through a peaceful (turned violent) revolution in 2014 called the Euromaidan Revolution, or the Revolution of Dignity. The revolution, coupled with Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Ukraine’s southern peninsula, and the war in the Donbass region of Ukraine, forced my family to consider evacuating our home. We packed our bags and had no idea what would happen next.

“In my life, that was the epitome of change and uncertainty. Though the changes we are going through now are different from my own life example, we are facing the difficulties of change right now that are taking place as a result of the current global pandemic, as well as the changes that are taking place at HU. As the HU community, we are facing uncertainty and instability, and, for that reason, we have an incredible window of opportunity to find creative ways to build community and, thus, a sense of stability in the midst of instability.

“I hope that I can contribute this perspective as we move forward as a Student Government Association, and I am excited for the opportunity to think creatively and intentionally about what is best for our student body.”


YEAR: senior
MAJOR: biology
TIME ON SGA: 2 years (Miller Hall rep)


“I have enjoyed my two years serving as the representative for Miller Hall and would like to now take the next step into leadership by becoming a member of the executive board. I also hope to serve again as Resident Assistant next year. As I will be a fifth-year senior next year, I feel like a have a good idea [of] what goes into the role [and] have a good understanding of the campus concerns and what ways I can serve students. Because, that’s what this position, and SGA as a whole, is all about. I loved my time at HU and want to make it a better place for all students.”

TREASURER: Seth Parsell

THE SOLE VETERAN: Seth Parsell is one of few students in recent years to serve on two back-to-back EBs. He is from Powell, Ohio. (Photo by Sarah Fiechter)

YEAR: sophomore
MAJORS: finance/economics, management
MINORS: accounting, entrepreneurial small business management
TIMES ON SGA: 2 years (current treasurer; former freshman rep)


“Currently, I am the treasurer of SGA and would like to continue my position as treasurer for the next academic year. SGA has allowed my leadership skills to grow as well as my love for Huntington. I want to represent the students of HU and make a difference on campus. With my various business-related majors and minors, I am very capable of handling the treasurer position as I have done so for the past school year.

“As treasurer, I want to make sure SGA uses its budget wisely and for the whole student body to benefit. I look forward to next year, and I am ready to tackle any challenges that come my way.”

SECRETARY: Corbin Hancock

THE NEW SECRETARY: Corbin Hancock, the youngest of the group, grew up as a missionary kid in Mexico. (Photo from SGA Facebook page)

YEAR: freshman
MAJOR: youth ministry
TIME ON SGA: 1 year (freshman rep)


“To future students who I will be serving, I would like to communicate how important it is to know your opinions over things. Your student government is here to make your campus experience better in many ways. We would love your input on how you believe we can improve the campus. I’m hoping to find ways to gauge the student body to more accurately provide for their wants.”