New photos reveal a gutted HUB. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, the building is still on track to reopen for the spring 2021 semester.

By Michael Lehman, Editor-in-Chief

Demolition in the HUB’s interior started drawing to close last week when the second floor’s windows and outdoor deck were removed. As of Wednesday, April 29, construction crews were preparing to install internal framing and utility lines like plumbing, IT and HVAC within the building.

Russ Degitz, chief operations officer of Huntington University, said “things are changing daily” now that the construction process is officially underway.

New photos reveal substantial changes to the HUB’s interior.

Ron Coffey, Vice President for Student Life, hosted a virtual tour inside the gutted HUB via a 5-minute video posted on the Huntington University Facebook page. Below is a gallery of screenshots taken directly from the video.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Fetters Construction crew continues to make progress on the project. Degitz said that workers are taking all necessary safety measures to respect social distancing.

“At this point in time, we do anticipate having the HUB back online for the spring semester (spring 2021),” Degitz said in an email interview. “This is according to our current timeline. Obviously, with the current pandemic, things could potentially change if business shutdowns are forced for contractors or material supplies are impacted.”

If the current timeline unfolds as planned, the HUB will reopen for the entire spring semester of 2021. This means that former Hardy Hall residents could potentially return to their beloved dorm building before the spring semester begins.

University President Sherilyn Emberton mentioned this possibility during a recent meeting with the Student Government Association (SGA). Although nothing is guaranteed at this moment, Hardy Hall could go back online as early as next January or February.

For now, the HUB will continue to undergo a full metamorphosis while most HU students attend online classes from their homes across the country.

“You know, we miss you guys like crazy,” Coffey said at the beginning of his virtual tour, “and part of what we miss about you is you don’t get a chance to see all that’s going on with this HUB renovation.”

“HEY, FORESTERS”: Ron Coffey takes a “break” from construction work to lead students on a virtual tour of the HUB. (Screenshot from Huntington University Facebook page)