Keeping in touch while quarantined is easier than you’d think.

By Keila Funez, Staff Writer

Since quarantine started, it has been difficult to keep in touch with friends. Social distancing does not allow us to interact. Not wanting to lose connection with friends is difficult during this time, especially if they live in states far from yours. 

Here are five things recommended by some students for you to keep in touch with your friends during quarantine.

1. Netflix Party

This is one of the most known ways to keep in touch with your friends. It allows you to watch a show, documentary or movie from Netflix at the same time with your friends.  It is synchronized and has a group chat available while you watch the video. 

This is only available in Chrome browsers. For detailed information, here is the link:

2. Letter writing

If you want to keep it special, you can write letters to your friends. You could still message them, but once a week or two, you could write letters to your friends and tell them about something that has been in your head or something interesting that happened to you.

If writing on paper helps you express your feelings, then letter writing will help you keep in touch with your special friends.

3. Crafts or art challenges

Learn new crafts with your friends while video-calling each other. You can either set your own pace or agree for a time during the day or week where you could call each other to continue working on the craft. Also, you could challenge your artistic friends to an art challenge. Choose an idea for the week for your friends and you to draw or paint. At the end of the week, you could show each other the results through a video call. 

4. Online games

Here is a couple of online games you could play with your friends while social distancing. You could set a time during the week to play with your friends. Some of these games allow you to talk or chat with them while playing.

  • Monopoly Online
  • A chess app or other boardgame app

5. Video-calling

Social media is the number one way that allows you to keep in touch with your friends, but I recommend that you balance things out. It is okay to message each other every day. Nevertheless, if you are afraid of getting bored with just texting or just video calling, you could mix both. You can text a little every day; it does not have to be all day or every hour. Then, once or twice a week, video call with your friends.

If you want to use different social media apps to interact with friends, here are a few:

  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • House Party
  • Zoom

I hope this helps you to keep in touch with your friends since, until now, it has been working for some students. Stay healthy and safe.