I spoke with Brad Buckley about his experience as a student at Huntington University.

By Jonathan Wagner, Staff Writer

Brad Buckley is a Christian ministries major with a minor in Bible and Religion, as well as Youth Ministry. He is currently in his final semester of classes. Originally from Reedsville, Ohio, Brad went to a small public high school and initially had no plans on going to college. He applied to three colleges before Huntington University and went to three college orientations, but never attended any of them.

He originally grew up in a small United Methodist Church, and in his junior year of high school, he was invited to his friend’s youth group. This invitation led him to meet the youth pastor of the group, Adam. Adam became a mentor and friend to Brad quickly. Brad ended up attending Mount Hermon United Brethren Church.

Brad said this about his faith journey: “I never fell away from the faith, but I did go through a time where obedience was lacking.”

That time of lacking obedience, however, led to a rebound where he realized he was being called into vocational ministry. That calling, through prayer and discernment, was cemented, leading him to choose Huntington University, especially since it was affiliated with the United Brethren denomination.

He was placed in Wright third for his first semester and was quickly told that he would make a good CMC. He realized he was interested in it, so he applied for the position.. He has been the CMC for Wright second ever since his second semester. He has loved his time at Huntington, from the classes to his fellow students and professors.

“I have been blessed,” Brad said. “These have been the best years of my life.”

Brad is currently the part-time youth pastor at College Park United Brethren Church, and he will go full-time this summer. He was recommended to the church and was later sent an email, leading him to send in a resume. Multiple members of the church later interviewed him. The Sunday before finals last semester, Brad went to College Park to check it out and make sure it was somewhere he could work.

Mike Rowley, a professor at HU who is very involved in College Park’s youth ministry, stopped Brad and told him that the church was interested in pursuing the next steps. Brad was, however, also in the process of possibly becoming an associate pastor in Lancaster, Ohio. So, he took Christmas break as a time to pray over it with his fiancée, Kylee Geels. This led him to accept the offer that College Park sent.

The process went really well and, while the coronavirus has caused a hitch, he has still been working to provide for the youth at College Park. He expects things to only get better from here.