I ventured north of HU in search of some delicious Thai food.

By Melissa Farthing, Copy Editor

I have a confession to make: I’m obsessed with Thai food. Ever since I discovered the scrumptious cuisine a few years ago, I’ve embarked on a life-long quest to try every Thai restaurant that I possibly can. With a big city like Fort Wayne being so close to our campus, I knew there had to be a worthy Thai eatery within a half hour’s driving distance. Today, I have found it.

Thai Diner is located in western Fort Wayne, just a few minutes from Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center. When I set foot in the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was that it was chock full of people. I took this as a good sign; if it’s busy, that must mean that it’s a popular establishment!

I was seated at the last table available and handed a menu. So many yummy options awaited me. I decided to stick with the classic: pad see ew, my go-to Thai noodle dish whenever I eat out. 

As my food was being prepared, I decided to order something new to hold me over until my meal was ready. I had never heard of Thai iced tea until I had visited this restaurant. The name sounded so appealing that I couldn’t resist having a taste of it.

MMM: The iced tea was refreshing. (Photo by Melissa Farthing)

Thai ice tea is a simple yet delicious drink. Normally, it’s made with black tea, sugar and sweetened condensed milk. Those three ingredients combined make for a refreshing, Instagram worthy drink. Not only did my drink look pretty, but it also tasted amazing as well!

When my main dish arrived, it was served steaming hot! I could immediately tell that every ingredient in my meal was fresh and of the highest quality. The taste reflected this observation. Every bite was filled with warm, savory goodness with a hint of sweetness. Trust me when I say that Thai Diner prepares their pad see ew right. I have been to several Thai restaurants where the flavor of this dish tasted off, but Thai Diner makes their pad see ew exactly how I like it.

Overall, I was pleased with my experience at Thai Diner. The prices are very reasonable for the high caliber of their food. If you ever want to experience the best that Thai food can offer, I highly recommend Thai Diner.