Even though we are no longer on campus, I still have plenty of spring fashion tips for HU students.

By Kennedi McCoy, Staff Writer

I hope everything is well with all my fellow Huntington University students. Because we have moved off-campus, HU trends will be broadened out to seasonal fashion trends.

So this season is spring, and when people think of spring fashion, they think of pastel colors, I’m sure. Well, this spring, there are a lot more trends than just that, and they are so cute.

For women, one of my favorites right now is the oversized grandpa sweater vest trend, usually paired with a simple white t-shirt and stacked necklaces. It’s super simple but gives this cool, preppy street-style look. Another trend for women this spring are flower patterns, but not the typical pattern. It becomes more of a 90’s oversized solid color flower pattern. It’s super cute and makes any outfit pop.

Lastly, the most trending color right now for women is neon and lighter shades of green. Now, I know neon does not sound like the most appealing thing to wear on a normal day-to-day basis. But hopping on this trend and looking good is a lot easier than you’d think. When selling an outfit with neon, you want one piece in your outfit to have this pop, either a top, bottom or one accessory. Then, you want the rest of your outfit to have darker tones so that it balances out.

The shades of green trend is probably one of my favorites because, for some reason, it’s in every thrift store. This means it’s super cheap to hop onto this trend, and it’s so cute. I like to do a monochromatic look with different shades of green that are all in neutral tones, meaning they are not too bright. But it’s also cute to wear something like a green cardigan and some mom jeans, or a pair of green jeans and a white cropped top and Air Forces.

My two men’s spring trends this season are the oversized Oxford shirt trend and cargo trouser trend. An Oxford shirt is a button-down dress shirt, so to speak, but you would wear it slightly bigger untucked so that it hangs down. This style paired with jeans or even a nice pair of joggers looks so nice. Cargo trousers are like dress pants that are in cargo style. These would also look good with an Oxford shirt and a statement sneaker.

I hope this has brought some inspiration to your wardrobe this season. Remember to be you, stay true and stay indoors!