COVID-19 put a disappointing halt to the HU softball season.

By Katie Sell, Staff Writer

Frustration, disappointment and devastation are just a few words to describe the feeling of thousands of student-athletes around the country this past month. Due to the pandemic, the NAIA recently made the decision to prematurely end spring sports for the season — right as it began. Teams and players all around America devoted endless hours training for the upcoming season just for it to be taken away in a matter of a week.

The Huntington women’s softball team was just getting into the groove of their season when they had to come to a halt. Only completing 11 out of 51 scheduled games, heartbreak for the women is an understatement.

“Working all year long at 5:30 a.m. and sometimes twice a day to get to the season and have it canceled…I can’t wrap my head around it,” shared junior third baseman, Kennedy Krull.

“I know we are all pretty upset about it for sure,” said junior outfielder, Hannah Shoupe. “Especially for our seniors, because it shouldn’t have ended for them this way. We are hoping we can still get together as a team at some point to celebrate them (no plans on taking fifth years).”

The biggest devastation for the girls is the short straw the seniors have drawn with the whole situation. Although the NAIA has announced that they will be granting an extra year of eligibility for all players, all of the seniors of HU softball are still planning to graduate this May as anticipated. This is definitely a discouraging way to part ways with a sport of which they have dedicated so much of their lives.

“I’m never going to play another game with any of the seniors or the girls who aren’t coming back again. We clearly didn’t know that Spring Arbor was going to be our last game; I’m really sad about it,” revealed junior first baseman, Jada Crofoot.

CUT SHORT: Burke pitches for one of the final times of season. (Photo from

HU Softball started the season on a good note with a 5-6 record, and despite the setback, the girls are excited to get back on the pitch for next spring.

“Our season started out really well, so I know we’re all super excited to keep it going,” exclaimed an optimistic Shoupe.

Krull also stays buoyant in turmoil.

“It has put a lot of things in perspective. Obviously, we wish it was different, but God’s got a bigger plan.”