This year was truly special for the HU women’s basketball team.

By Ryan Walker, Staff Writer

The 2019-2020 season ended in a two-point defeat in the Crossroads League semi-finals against 7th ranked Taylor, and it was not enough for the NAIA to put the Foresters through to the tournament. But none of that will take away from what was an outstanding season for Sarah Fryman and her team. 

As you might have heard before, Crossroads League basketball is one tough cookie for both the men and women, as the Foresters had to take on four of the nation’s best eight times in just conference play alone. Finishing 21-11 (9-9 in CL play) and moving in and out of the polls would put this team on the right side of the bubble, but they just fell short. 

With a win over Taylor in the season-ending conference tournament, they were almost guaranteed a spot in the national tournament. As much as it hurt for this team, it might have been for the best to end it before something shocking struck the sports world. 

COVID-19 took sports and other activities from athletes across the United States, forcing winter athletes not to have their last rides in the post-season and spring athletes not even to get settled in. Senior classes in both high school and college couldn’t control everything that they’ve been working their entire lives for, only for it to be taken away.

But that doesn’t dismiss the year that was truly magical for the Foresters, tournament or not. Senior Sarah Fryman earned Crossroads League Player of the Year. She was also selected for the NAIA’s first-team all-American, which has only been done three times in HU women’s basketball history. Fryman was not only the team’s leading scorer but also in rebounds per game at 7.4, which shows how tough she was this season. These outstanding feats will be looked upon for the rest of the program’s history as one of the greatest players it has seen.