Step by step, HU is heading forward.

By Keila Funez, Staff Writer

For the last couple of years, Huntington University has accomplished goals that benefit not only the University but also benefits the students. 

In 2019, HU gave updates on the addition of capital to the institution: the Don Strauss Animal Science Education Center. This was made possible by a gift given by Strauss Veal Feeds and Midwest Poultry Services.

This year, one of the events happening is the start of the construction and renovation of the Huntington Union Building (HUB), which will be starting in the next several weeks. It is one of the biggest movements and goals to be accomplished in 2020. As an HU student, I am looking forward to it. Not because we will have a newly renovated building, but because we will have another place where we can bond with other students.

Also, as announced in the Step Forward Campaign, the Merillat Complex (Plex) will be renovated. This semester, the funding will continue, making it possible for renovations to take place in the future.

Along with the Step Forward campaign’s movement towards completion, there are new goals HU intends to conquer this year. Next year, the occupational therapy doctorate will be launched at the Arizona campus in 2021. The addition of this second location will allow students who want to get their doctorate in occupational therapy to have more opportunities and be able to complete their studies in Arizona. This will not lessen the number of students who attend the program at Fort Wayne, Ind., but will make it grow.

For Kay Schwob, the director of development at HU, the event she is looking forward to the most is “Step Forward on Tour.” Starting in February, HU staff will tour various cities throughout the country and promote the Step Forward campaign. This tour will take place over 18 to 24 months.

“We will visit with friends and alumni, sharing the story of what these capital projects and program developments mean to the University,” said Schwob. 

Step Forward Campaign is not just about the renovation of buildings; it is about growing together. Being able to see the blessing that God has given the University and seeing His hand in what HU has accomplished so far makes me proud of being a Forester. We attend a University that is constantly seeking to fulfill the needs of its students and constantly growing for the benefit of others and the glory of God.