Two HU athletes have reached an impressive accomplishment.

By Avery Giguere, Staff Writer

A triple-double is a high accomplishment for a basketball player at any level. For a player to accomplish a triple-double, they must have at least 10 points, assists and rebounds in a single game. The Huntington women’s basketball team has had two players this season accomplish this goal. These are the first two triple-doubles in school history. What makes the reward even more special is that the two are not only teammates but best friends. 

Sarah Fryman was the first in school history to complete a triple-double. During the team’s game against Grace College on Feb. 2, she had 28 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. Then, not more two weeks later, Sam Hammel completed a triple-double in the team’s game against Bethel University. Neither of the girls had kept track of their stats during the game, and they were both surprised to hear they had earned a triple-double when the game was over. 

Hammel says this is her first triple-double ever, but what makes it special is that she was able to experience it with her best friend during her last season. She also says, “It made me feel so thankful and blessed for my team and coaches because I couldn’t have done it without them.” 

Fryman explains her experience is similar to Hammel’s. She has never had a triple-double before, but the fact she was able to earn one alongside her best friend is something she will “cherish forever.” Fryman is also “extremely grateful to be a part of such a great team who pushes me and believes in me.” 

This is a well-earned accomplishment of which both girls should be proud. Their hard work on the court has paid off, and they have both now made school history.