Campus is entering the construction phase of the HUB.

By Laura Caicedo, Staff Writer

As students fight away the cold and start getting used to their spring schedules, the HUB renovations are starting to look more imminent.

Russ Degitz, Chief Operating Officer, said in an email interview that there was a meeting on February 19 to select a contractor.

“Construction and work will begin as soon as the contractor can mobilize resources, equipment, and a workforce after being notified of their selection,” Degitz said. “The anticipated mobilization time frame is two to three weeks.”

That puts the approximate construction start time in early to mid-March. The university has officially secured financing for the project.

The rebuilding of the HUB is something students can and will be able to see for themselves. Just last month, a banner was placed in front of the HUB illustrating a small timeline of its construction.

The HUB (Huntington Union Building) is the first – if not the only – “hangout” spot students have been able to enjoy for decades. This year, its absence has left somewhat of a hole in the middle of campus.

Because the HUB has trademarked itself in the campus community, some students were sad to say “see you in a bit” to the building this year. But there is also general excitement to see how the HUB will end up looking.

 “Students have been outstanding to this point,” Degitz said. “They have been very patient and understanding as our student center has been offline.” 

Degitz is the most excited about the prospect of providing students with a first-class gathering place.  

“Huntington University is a special place, and we will now have a student center that will add to the atmosphere of our campus,” Degitz said. 

The university will be communicating any updates through the Coffey Break as well as offering pictures at least weekly.