I reveal the latest fashion trends on HU’s campus.

By Kennedi McCoy, Staff Writer

This month for HU Trends, we see athletic wear for guys and girls as an every day, all-day look. 

For girls, we see a lot of leggings with hoodies or pullovers and running shoes or white Air Forces. If you want to spice up this look, ladies, I recommend adding a cute top. For example, for the colder weather we’ve been having, I suggest an acute turtleneck sweater. I’ve noticed that plain black leggings are commonly worn, so adding a cute, colorful sweater or turtleneck would add some sweet spice to your outfit without a large amount of effort or sacrifice of comfort. 

For men, we see Adidas joggers and Nike sweats with running shoes and a hoodie or t-shirt. To add some spice, guys and girls, I recommend a pair of joggers. They always look so good and put together, but they are still super warm and comfortable. 

One of my favorite trends this time of the year is back on campus: old man sweaters for guys and girls. These are vintage sweaters with lots of crazy patterns and colors that look super vintage. The sweater may look super crazy, but for guys, paired with straight cut jeans and Converse or Air Forces, it’s a great, cozy winter look. For girls, paired with Mom jeans or a denim skirt with cute tights and Docs or tennis shoes, these sweaters are super cute. One trick that I like doing is taking my men’s vintage sweaters and cropping them or knotting them to look more feminine. 

Lastly, my favorite trend is spring colors on our snowy campus. This usually looks like chunky knitted sweaters with lots of colors. If you want to add to this trend but are on a college budget, you should hit the local Huntington thrift stores. They sell all types of cute sweaters and tops for guys and girls that are super cheap and great quality.