This Huntington nonprofit provides meals to those in need.

By Isiah Huber, Staff Writer

Meal Ministry is a nonprofit operation that has been operating in Huntington for over 15 years, and in those 15 years, they’ve only closed five times. It started in the basement of a local church, but the movement didn’t gain much traction. After two moves, they ended up in the downtown Huntington location that they are in today. 

“We bought it through an auction,” said Bob Burnsworth, director of the program. “[We] went to the bank to see about buying it and had about $30,000 to spend … we bought it for $33,000, and within 30 days, we had $33,000 show up all over the United States to pay the bill off.” 

Meal Ministry serves roughly 50 meals a nightly hour window but has served as many as 87 in one night. With roughly eight churches involved and donations from both within and outside the community, they gather tons of support, whether it be a hand full of food or a hand that’s ready to work. 

“I haven’t bought a meat product for three and a half years, but we serve a meat product every night,” stated Bob, remarking about food donations made to the movement. 

Meal Ministry has touched many lives in the name of the Lord; if you would like to help them do so, whether it be to lend a hand or donate food, feel free to contact Bob Burnsorth at (260) 519-3637 or at