Here’s what you need to know about this campus organization.

By Jonathan Wagner, Staff Writer

Awakening Fire is Huntington University’s local branch of the organization known more commonly as University Christian Outreach. They are an ecumenical organization dedicated to following Jesus’s Great Commission on college campuses, discipling students and helping them grow in their faith. They welcome people of all denominations and levels of faith to join them in what they are doing.

“Our mission is to see every student on this campus know Jesus Christ personally, offering him their whole lives as radical disciples and becoming equipped to share Him on campus and wherever they go after graduation,” said Josh Frey, who is part of the group.

Their primary recurring event on campus is Spark, which they hold the first Tuesday of every month in Hiner Hall, located on the second floor of the Dowden Science Hall. Starting at 9 p.m., Spark is a time of worship and prayer that often includes a speaker. They also have other events on an occasional basis.

This April, Awakening Fire is hosting a retreat they call Fan into Flame. This retreat will be off-campus at a nearby church, Grace Gathering. Registration costs $20 unless you register before March 15, in which case, it is reduced to $10. Registration is available at

Josh Frey explained that “Fan into Flame is an opportunity for students to experience a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.”