The university’s decision to eliminate several academic programs may impact HU.

By Luke Fillers, Staff Writer

In late October, neighboring University of Saint Francis released plans to change their academic undergraduate programs. Going into effect in the fall semester 2020, there are 11 bachelor’s degree majors, one associate’s program, and seven minors that will no longer be offered to incoming freshmen enrolled in the university. Current students already enrolled and on course to complete the revised majors and minors will still be able to graduate with them as planned. 

“The changes will affect approximately 30 students whose primary major is in one of the 15 programs,” according to Saint Francis website announcing the academic change. “That number represents fewer than 1.5% of the university’s student population.”

With the change in the academic programs at Saint Francis, there is a good chance of incoming students looking for those particular undergraduate degrees to consider Huntington for their education.

“We hope to see some interest in students in those programs,” said Daniel Solms, who works in admissions and is the vice president for enrollment management and marketing here at Huntington University. “History, for example, is one of the majors they are cutting there and is a great program here.”

Around the same time Saint Francis announced their academic change, Cincinnati Christian University has announced they are closing at the end of this fall semester due to a decline in enrollment. 

Just as Saint Francis students may choose to come to HU to continue their degrees, students working on their majors through Cincinnati Christian University may transfer to finish their academic career. 

“We have seen some campus visits from Cincinnati Christian,” said Solms. “We have reached out to the students to work with how their credits will transfer to Huntington if they choose to transfer here and want the students to see us as a viable option.” 

Whether it is Saint Francis or Cincinnati Christian, academic changes from other universities can affect HU’s enrollment.