Why you should try something new before graduation.

By Juliet Wilson, Copy Editor

If you’re an adventurous eater, you might know that Fort Wayne is a hub for a delicious variety of foods. In my years as an HU student, I’ve had the opportunity to visit a variety of sushi places, Thai places, Indian places, and so on. Although these delicious types of restaurants are not present in Huntington, they are not out of place or rare in an average city. Fort Wayne does have something much rarer than good Indian or Thai food, though: delicious Ethiopian cuisine.

Queen of Sheba is an Ethiopian restaurant located in Fort Wayne. In fact, Queen of Sheba is the Ethiopian restaurant for the area — other Ethiopian restaurants are located in Indianapolis and Ann Arbor, but unfortunately they are often difficult to locate. The struggle to find African and Middle Eastern restaurants in the Midwest only adds to their charm.

I visited Queen of Sheba for a friend’s birthday and I had no idea what to expect. We ordered falafel first, because falafel is a gift from God Himself. Anyway, it did not disappoint. After being warmed up by the falafel, I was ready to dig in.

We were warned that Ethiopian food is served in a communal style, so we ordered and prepared accordingly. The staff brought out hot towels so that we could prepare our hands for the journey of sharing a huge plate of food with our whole group.

Then, they brought out the food — and it was glorious. The three people I visited Queen of Sheba with only ordered two entrees because of the size of the portions. Each entrée came with vegetables and injera, which is similar to a savory pancake. The meat and vegetables were served on top of the injera. To eat the food — without utensils — each person rips off a portion of the bread to pick up the flavorful vegetables and meat. This process is repeated for each bite.

My experience at Queen of Sheba was unlike any other — this restaurant is undoubtedly Fort Wayne’s hidden and rare gem. If you don’t visit before graduation, you’ll be missing out!