Can a foreign film with subtitles be worth watching?

By Riley McMahon, Staff Writer

When I first heard of Parasite, I’m not going to lie–I was a bit skeptical. I was not too fond of the idea of watching a foreign film with subtitles. I am sure I am not the only one that had this feeling going into the movie either. I am also sure that this is the reason for many people not wanting to see it at all. After seeing it, however, I can confidently say that feeling of skepticism was completely wrong. 

Parasite is the newest movie from critically acclaimed South Korean director, Bong Joon-ho, who has directed past blockbusters such as Okja, Snowpiercer, and The Host. As mentioned earlier, Parasite is a foreign film that contains subtitles. But let me assure you, do not let the subtitles be your reasoning for not seeing this movie. Subtitles or not, a great movie is a great movie. Parasite is most definitely a great movie in every category there is. 

Parasite is a story of a lower-class family that infiltrates the lives of an upper-class family. They find jobs working private positions for them in their home. As the lower-class family is doing this, the upper-class family has no idea that they are all family members and that they are being scammed. About midway through the film, something very unexpected happens which changes the course of the story and both of the families’ lives forever. 

Aside from being an excellent and very entertaining story, another aspect that made Parasite such a great movie was the performances from the actors and actresses. I believe that every member of the cast gave a great performance. Viewers never once question the validity of the story they portray. 

In addition, the cinematography in the movie is on a whole different level. Every shot is composed for a purpose, there is not one scene in the movie that is shot “just because.” Joon-ho very meticulously crafted every single shot in the movie; this is why it looks so breathtaking on screen. 

Parasite also has a very impressive and effective score to go along with it. As you may know, the score of a movie is important. Parasite’s score is a very memorable one and unquestionably affects the movie in a positive way. 

The final thing that made Parasite so great is the absolutely jaw dropping, course-changing moment that happens in the movie. The whole movie builds up to this specific point and, just as you think everything is going smoothly… boom. Something happens that completely changes everything and adds a lot of excitement to the story. You will just have to see the movie for yourself and find out what this particular scene is. 

Joon-ho also illustrated a very prevalent social issue in our world today throughout the entirety of the movie. That issue was the strong division of social statuses present in our society, and how the people of these different social statuses have very contrasting perceptions on things in life. Parasite can even be seen as a sort of “social satire” because it is very clear that Joon-ho intended to get this message across to the audience and expose this harsh side of society. 

All in all, Parasite is a very smart, well-crafted masterpiece from Bong Joon-ho. It is a fun and entertaining movie for all, due to the many different genres it incorporates into one final product. It is also such a cool movie in the sense of how it all feels so real, and everything shown in the movie can most definitely happen in real life. I 10/10 recommend seeing Parasite; it will not disappoint. 

My rating for Parasite – 90%