A great recipe made Nick’s kitchen worth visiting.

By Jonathan Wagner, Staff Writer

Huntington has a local restaurant named Nick’s Kitchen, which has been in business in the same location, 506 North Jefferson Street, since 1908. While they serve a variety of things, from breakfast to lunch to dinner, they pride themselves on being the home of the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, a recipe they have been using for over 100 years. 

This sandwich comes in two sizes: original and mini. Don’t be fooled by the name however; the mini breaded Pork tenderloin sandwich is still quite large, and the tenderloin alone is able to cover at least half the plate. The original is even larger, able to cover more than half of its plate, which itself is larger, and extending far enough past the bun that it will take at least a bite or two to reach anything but pork.

Aside from being quite large, the sandwiches are also delicious. There’s certainly a reason they’ve kept the same recipe for over 100 years; it’s a good recipe. The only thing I wish was that the sandwich came with a side. The mini does come with a side if you get it as a lunch special. The menu also has a “shareables” section, which can be treated as appetizers, sides, or both. These “shareables” are also quite good, ranging from standards like fries and onion rings to cole slaw and mozzarella sticks. And if you can finish it all and still want dessert, they also serve delicious pie. Some of the most popular flavors are apple, black raspberry, and blueberry sour cream.

As for the non-food aspects of the restaurant, the service was great. The waitress was kind and attentive, answering any questions. The food was brought out quickly as well. Although it was not as fast as a fast food place, it was quicker than a lot of sit down restaurants. 

The place also looks and feels somewhat like a 50’s diner. The walls are lined with local history, from old pictures of the railroad to pieces on locals themselves. All in all, it is a place with great food for a pretty great price and it has an enjoyable atmosphere as well. It is definitely a good place to go for dinner with some friends, or maybe when family comes to visit.