Cold weather inspires a whole new look for HU fashionistas.

By Kennedi McCoy, Staff Writer

This month, HU trends have been seriously influenced by the cold weather. Faux fur is in, and has been used all types of fashionable ways on campus. Why faux fur? Faux fur is warm and animal harm free. Faux fur also adds an inexpensive luxurious look to any outfit for any gender. 

If you want to hop on this trend but are struggling to do so in away that you feel is cute or fashionable, I got you. Here’s some simple ways to do so. For shoes, buy faux fur inserts for your boots or even hightops — a plus is it will look cute and keep your feet warm. Nike actually has low top air force ones with fur inserts already in; you might want to check those out too. 

Another option could be buying a cute faux fur scarf. They are cheap and come in different colors. Scarves are very much needed for the up and coming weather, too. One thing that I did that’s cute and inexpensive was my investment in a faux fur hooded vest. I can put this vest under literally any coat. 

Also, at a lot of stores, faux fur and fake sheep fur including hoodies, jackets, and sweatshirts are trending and come in different colors. 

Another trend on campus is cool, colorful, funky socks. Because of the cold, socks are pretty important. The students of HU have used it as an opportunity to make our campus a walking foot art museum. It’s so easy to hop on this trend; all you need to do is go on Amazon. I recommend Amazon because their products are both cheap and good quality. You could buy a pack of socks with your favorite color, art piece, or TV show.

 Lastly for this month’s trendy advice, I recommend trying to dress nice —especially on the days that you are tired and just not feeling it. When you dress well you feel good. Especially for college students, around this time of year the weather gets the best of our emotions and mental health. 

Remember to stay true to you and nothing can stop you.